We Did a Thing.

So, we did a thing. We did a big thing. We thought a lot about the thing and researched the thing like crazy.

We just came home with two Great Pyrenees puppies. They are possibly the cutest things on this planet, even covered in mud and twigs and a little stinky!

Some of you who know us may be thinking “Why on earth would this family with two indoor dogs, two young children, two full time jobs (total, not each) and a coop full of chickens and ducks want TWO puppies to deal with?”

How about a backstory to explain? See, we haven’t been doing this very long, although Aaron has been dreaming of having a homestead or farm for probably twelve years. We are on our third year of having chickens and have lost most of them to predators; mostly red tailed hawks and stray dogs. Well, that farming dream I mentioned didn’t include chickens that were unable to forage in fresh greenery and soak in the sun, nor did it include finding dead chickens.

According to our research, with the proper training, Livestock Guarding Dogs can protect all sorts of livestock animals from almost any predator out there. But guess what? The training and maturing process of a dog can be around two years. TWO years! And like the true Americans we are, that feels like forever (I want it and I want it now)! But, like planting fruit trees or asparagus crowns, you do the work up front to reap the benefits at the end. And, those of you in your thirties or later know…how insanely fast 2 years will go.

Since this is our first blog post, maybe we should have introduced ourselves. We just got so excited to tell you about the puppies because….puppies. We are Aaron and Shannon Meyer of 1450 Farm in Lawrence, Kansas and we have finally jumped into our small-scale farming endeavor. We plan to blog about it weekly (or more…or less – we’ll see how we feel), feel free to follow along at www.1450farm.com!

When I say we are jumping in, I should clarify. We have gardened since 2006, lived in the country (mostly) since 2010 (barely), have had chickens and bees since 2016 and ducks since 2017. Yeah, newbies. Aaron will probably write most of the blogs – he’s such a good writer and remembers all of those rules about punctuation I seem to have forgotten. He is also the brains behind this operation and pretty darn funny and does the most research and work on this farm.

Aaron received his bachelors in Secondary Education and Masters in Business. I got my bachelors in Interior Design. Whoops, neither of us went to school for this. Looks like this could be entertaining and hopefully a little educational for those of you reading!

Hopefully our future posts are a little more helpful for you. We plan to share our stories and adventures with you – even when we fail, so you can learn from our mistakes (or so you can sit back and laugh at with us).


Aaron & Shannon


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