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Selling Chicken

After doing some trial runs with the Cornish Cross, weโ€™ve decided to squeeze in a couple of batches of chickens this Fall that will be available for sale! We secured processing dates on October 11thand November 1stfor two batches of 50 chickens. We will… Continue Reading “Selling Chicken”

Farming is Hard

If you follow the farm on Instagram (@1450farm), youโ€™ll sometimes see Shannon post that farming is hard. It is. As I mention last week, we lost some turkeys in the brooder, and while they were just a few day old turkeys, itโ€™s still not… Continue Reading “Farming is Hard”

Incubating Chicken Eggs

At the time of writing this, a heavy coat of ice has our woods hunched over and groaning like they would rather do anything but stay upright. I can relate with every passing year. Looking out the window itโ€™s hard to fathom that we… Continue Reading “Incubating Chicken Eggs”