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Planting the Garden

Our poor garden has been put on the backburner this spring as weโ€™ve tackled other projects, dealt with crummy weather, and juggled trying to work full-time jobs while raising two kids. We developed a pretty good garden plan over the winter and started hundreds… Continue Reading “Planting the Garden”

The Farm Plan

So far in this blog weโ€™ve talked about a few of the things that we have been doing leading up to this farming endeavor. Weโ€™ve spent some time playing around with our chicken infrastructure, gardened without great intention, and thrown in some bees and… Continue Reading “The Farm Plan”

Selecting Seeds to Grow in the Garden

If youโ€™re like me, your local post office probably has to hire an extra mail carrier just to deliver all of the seed catalogs (and bee equipment catalogs, and hatchery catalogs, and farm equipment catalogs, etc.) that show up in your mailbox this time… Continue Reading “Selecting Seeds to Grow in the Garden”